Training and courses for drivers handling

Accredited organize training courses for operating electric and IC forklifts.

The course has a theoretical part (30 or 35 hours) and practical (75 hours), and is completed by a written test and practical driving in a forklift. We have accreditation number of the Ministry of Education-36271/2015-1/853 and our instructors are certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024:2003. We train in our own center in Prague (own training ground and trucks).

Successful graduates of the course will receive a retraining certificate and driver’s license for electric and IC forklifts, which covers the following machines: powered pallet trucks and stackers with and without platform, low and high level orderpickers, tow tractors, reachtrucks stand-on, sit-on, electric and IC counterbalance forklifts stand-on, sit-on – capacity up to 5 tons.

Address: Transtechnik CS s. r. o., Průběžná 80b, 100 00 Prague 10, Strašnice.