Material Handling Crown and Clark



Prestigious brand of timeless machines for intensive use.
Higher performance, longer lifetime, better comfort and lower running costs.
Up to 85% of Crown built components.
Crown is ready for fast service without laptops.

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Hand pallet trucks standard, quicklift, scissor lift  |  Powered pallet trucks with and without platform  |  Stackers with and without platform  |  Low level orderpickers  |  Tow tractors  |  High level orderpickers  |  WAV  |  Reachtrucks Stand-On, Sit-On, standard, Single deep, Double deep | VNA man-up trucks | Electric counterbalance forklifts Stand-On, Sit-On | IC counterbalance forklifts LPG


image-clark1Clark100 years of experience with forklift design and production.
Fair trucks with uncompromising performance and extreme durability.
Long lifetime and high residual values.
Active support of DIY service.
99% parts availability to all models since 1961.

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Forklifts with diesel or LPG drive – pneumatic or superelastic tires | Compact forklifts with LPG drive – cushion tires | Elektric forklifts | Warehouse equipment